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What is 4G Technology?

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As I have previously discuss about the 3G technology, So Here it is about upcoming technology known as 4G technology.

4G mobile technology is the name given to the next generation of mobile device such as cell phones. It became available, from at least one provider, in several parts of the US in 2009. There is not yet an agreed industry standard for what constitutes 4G mobile, so far now it is merely a marketing term.
the use of 'G', standing for Generation, in mobile technology covers the major advances of the past 20-30 years. 1G technology involved the first widely available mobile phones. 2G technology, which began in the early 1990s, switched to the digital format and introduced text messaging. 3G technology inproved the efficiency of ho data is carried, making it posssible it to carry enhanced information services such as websites in the orignal format. The latest iphone is the best known example of 3G technology.
4G is not established as an agreed set standard, so its features are cureently simple goals rather than requirements. Apart from drastically increasing data transfer speed, 4G mobile should use enhanced security measures. Another goals is to reduce blips in tranmission when a device moves between areas covered by different networks. 4G mobile network should also use a network based on the IP address, system used for the internet.
Within the Unoted States, there are two major systems using 4G mobile technology. One is know as WiMax and is backed by Clear Wire, a firm whose majority owners is Sprint Nextel. It began testing in Baltimore in 2008 abnd was set to expand this into major new market in 2009. Sprint intented to have 80 cities covered by the end of 2011.
Unlike previous generation of mobile technology, 4G mobile will be widely used for internet access on computer as well as carrying cell phone communications.
Customers in areas which have strong 4G coverage will be able to use it for home broadband  connection which doesnot require any cabling to their household. It can also be used for accessing the internet on the move without having to be in a wireless hotpots those offered by some coffee shops, airports and educational institutions.
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