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How Search Engines Work

Today we show How a search engine works. Here I will not go ondetail, But a breif description on this. Hope you Enjoy and learn something.

There are many search engines on the world of Internet. Top on them Is Google.
Search engine:- Google, Bing, Yahoo, AltaVista, Excite and many More.

Later on We will learn How Google works?

How Search Engines Work ?
What happens when a searcher[users] enters keywords?

A Search engine does not examine every page on the web. When a user puts in a query on the search box, the engine first builds an index of it
– Custom database of all the words on all pages
– Search engine also stores other information.

The search query is everything that the user types to get results which is made up of one or more search terms, plus optional special characters.

●It examine the Query what the user are for searching, and then expand that query. Means check the words variants[ plural/singular, verbs, Nouns]
●Then check the Spelling on the Query.
● Check the word order
● Checks the search operator [e.g. putting IP: ip address] for searching the Ip of     sites.

  Next It match the query presents on its database [SERVER]. After then It match the query with all the data that have been Crawled by it.

  The Results are sent to the Index Server where it is indexed that which query should be displayed first on the searched results.
  ● This results is made by the rank of the page, which is known as PAGE RANK.
[ you can check your page rank of your site from here.]

☛ After all these process finally ther required results displayed on your srceen.
   ●All thses is done within a seconds only and it gives you the results what you wants.

Hope these help you.
Next post will be on Google. Stay tuned.

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