Free Calling App Viber Website Got Hacked By Syrian Electronic Army

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One of the most free calling app "Viber" have got hacked defaced one of there sub-domain This hack was done by the popular hacker's group known as "Syrian Electronic Army". Once again SEA is on the news of the security, and have breached the security of the Viber website.
Viber hacked by the syrian electronic army, Viber got hacked, viber free calling apps, security breached by the SEA

Hackers claimed that they are not able to hack the all the database of the Viber, but have breached and took the backup of the partial database.
Viber hacked by the syrian electronic army, Viber got hacked, viber free calling apps, security breached by the SEA

On the deface page SEA have left a message to Viber users, with the screenshot of hacked database.
Dear All Viber Users, The Israeli-based "Viber" is spying and tracking you, We weren't able to hack all Viber systems, but most of it is designed for spying and tracking, Screenshot of a hacked system:
Along with this SEA hackers have publically posted the the Phone numbers of Viber administrators:

Viber data leaked, Viber got hacked, Viber database hacked, Viber site defaced
On the twitter post SEA wrote, " Warning: If you have Viber app installed, we advised you to delete it." By this SEA hackers also suggested Viber users to uninstall the application because company is spying and tracking each users. 

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