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TorrentGalaxy Goes Offline with Mysterious Message

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Torrent Galaxy Offline

One of the internet's largest torrent sites, TorrentGalaxy, has mysteriously gone offline overnight, leaving users puzzled and concerned about its future. The site displayed a vague message stating "TGX is offline. Updates will be posted in case of any changes."

TorrentGalaxy has been a leading force in the torrent ecosystem for over five years, serving as a major distribution hub for pirated movies, TV shows and other content. Its dedicated uploaders and active community helped the site grow rapidly to fill the void left by the demise of other prominent torrent sources like RARBG last year.

TorrentGalaxy's sudden disappearance starts many discussions in piracy circles, with the cryptic nature of the farewell message leading some to speculate that the site may not return at all.

Tgx Offline

The message's wording suggests updates will only be provided "in case of any changes," rather than a more typical temporary downtime notice.

Earlier this year, in a report [PDF] by US trade authorities, Glaxy Torrent was called out as a 'notorious' piracy hub, so a law enforcement crackdown can't be ruled out as the reason behind its current outage.

All official TorrentGalaxy mirrors, proxies and its status page listing those mirrors have also been taken down, compounding fears that the outage may be permanent. The halt in new releases branded with the site's [TGx] tag on other major torrent platforms like 1337x is already being felt.

Telegram Message
One Reddit user posted a screenshot of a telegram post [now deleted] stating -

"We are doing maintenance Tgx will be back shortly"

While this torrent site has suffered downtime before, the mysterious goodbye message has lent an ominous tone to the current outage. Despite outreach attempts, TorrentGalaxy's operators have not provided any clarification on the situation.

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