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How to Enable the New Siri UI on iPhone and Mac

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With the release of iOS 18, Apple has introduced a new and improved user interface for Siri, integrating new AI features called Apple Intelligence, promising a more immersive and intuitive experience. However, you have to wait before the official release.

Apple has released the beta version of the latest iOS 18, which many users may have already installed. But Apple hasn't added new features to Siri that were announced at WWDC 2024.

The good news is that some developers with some tweaks has got a way to get the new UI for Siri. To enable the new UI to Siri just follow below simple steps.

This guide will only enable new UI for Siri, features related to Apple Intelligence will not work.

Before You Proceed [Recommendation]
  • A Windows, macOS, or Linux computer.
  • A USB cable to connect your device to the computer.
  • Back up all your data before performing any of the steps below. We will be not responsible for data loss or for devices getting bricked.
  • Turn off Find My iPhone/iPad in Settings > Find My > Find My iPhone or iPad.

Enable New Siri UI on iPhone

Below are the steps you can follow according to your computer.

  1. Download Cowabunga Lite from here and install it.
  2. Now connect your device via USB
  3. Now Open Cowabunga Lite. Make sure you have checked SkipSetupin the Setup Options tab.
  4. Open File Explorer, go to %APPDATA%/CowabungaLite/Workspace, find the UUID, then go to SkipSetup/ManagedPreferencesDomain/mobile
  5. Now add the list file [Download] to that folder.
  6. Click on the Apply.
  1. Download Cowabunga Lite from here and install it.
  2. Now connect your device via USB
  3. Open Cowabunga Lite and click on the Custom Operation tab in the left column.
  4. Click the Import .cowperation button and import the downloaded .cowperation file [Download here]
  5. After importing, click on the Edit button and check the Enable option.
  6. Click on the Apply tab in the left column, then click the Apply Tweaks button.

Special thanks to @LeminLimez for tricks and betaprofiles for the guide.

Enable New Siri UI on macOS15

You can also get the new Siri on your Mac too. Simply run the following two commands on your terminal and you get to go.

  1. Open Terminal. Copy and run the following two commands.
    defaults write bypassDeviceSupportsSAE -bool true
    killall Siri
  2. Now restart your Mac to see the new Siri icon in your menu bar. 

If you are looking for iOS, iPadOS or MacOS firmware then you can head to IPSW File for download for free.

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