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OpenAI Releases Faster GPT-4o Model for ChatGPT Users [Download]

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OpenAI native model language

OpenAI, the pioneering artificial intelligence research laboratory, has taken another significant stride in the realm of language models with the introduction of GPT-4o. 

This latest iteration of the GPT-4 model, which powers the company's flagship product, ChatGPT, promises enhanced capabilities and improved performance across various domains, including text, vision, and audio.

According to OpenAI's Chief Technology Officer, Mira Murati, GPT-4o is not only faster than its predecessor but also offers a more comprehensive and efficient user experience. 

The updated model will be available to all ChatGPT users, with paid subscribers enjoying up to five times the capacity limits compared to free users.

The rollout of GPT-4o's capabilities will be gradual, as stated in a blog post from the company. However, users can expect to see the model's text and image capabilities integrated into ChatGPT starting today. 

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman highlighted the model's "natively multimodal" nature, enabling it to generate content and understand commands in voice, text, or images.

Developers eager to explore the potential of GPT-4o will have access to the API, which offers a more cost-effective and faster alternative to GPT-4 Turbo. The API is priced at half the cost and boasts twice the speed of its predecessor, as mentioned by Altman on X (formerly Twitter).

ChatGPT's voice mode is also set to receive a significant upgrade with the introduction of GPT-4o. The app will now function as a voice assistant, similar to the AI in the movie "Her," capable of responding in real-time and observing the user's surroundings.

Download ChatGPT4o Application

With the release of new type of language model, OpenAI has also announced ChatGPT desktop application. Earlier, OpenAI has do release the mobile version for Android and iOS devices. Now they are going to release desktop version too.

You can download the application according to your choice and devices.

This marks a notable improvement from the current voice mode, which is limited to responding to one prompt at a time and relies solely on auditory input.

In a reflective blog post following the livestream event, Altman discussed OpenAI's evolving trajectory. While the company's original vision was to "create all sorts of benefits for the world," Altman acknowledged a shift in focus. 

Despite criticism for not open sourcing its advanced AI models, OpenAI now aims to make these models accessible to developers through paid APIs, empowering third parties to create innovative applications that benefit society as a whole.

Just before Google I/O 2024

The launch of GPT-4o comes at a strategic time, just ahead of Google I/O, the tech giant's flagship conference. 

With the anticipated launch of various AI products from Google's Gemini team, OpenAI's latest offering is set to solidify its position as a leader in the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence and language models.

As GPT-4o begins to shape the future of AI-powered applications, businesses and developers alike eagerly await the transformative potential it brings to the table. 

With its enhanced capabilities and improved accessibility, GPT-4o is poised to revolutionize the way we interact with and benefit from artificial intelligence in our daily lives.

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