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Increasing Brand Visibility on Instagram: Paid and Free Strategies

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Increase Instagram engagement

Nowadays, Instagram is more than a way for people to share their photos and videos and communicate with their friends - it's a way for brands to grow. Instagram is one of the best tools in terms of social media marketing, and that's why so many are looking for the best site for buying Instagram followers UK.

The forecast for 2025 is that there will be 1.44 billion active users every month. With that in mind, Instagram marketing is becoming increasingly popular for all brands. The social media platform lets brands establish their presence, build trust, and reach a wider audience.

However, it's not easy to boost your Instagram visibility. Finding the perfect social media marketing strategy takes time, and you must also figure out your target audience. How do you increase brand awareness and visibility on Instagram? This article will give you some free and paid Instagram marketing strategy ideas so you can take over the social media platform with your Instagram business account.

Why Is Instagram So Important for Brand Awareness?

People all across the world use Instagram. Users like to share photos, reels, and stories and communicate with their loved ones. However, the platform also allows them to keep an eye on their favourite brands, and this is where you get your chance to shine.

Instagram allows brands to reach their target audience easily. Your content can be shown to more people through location tags, relevant hashtags, and more. If your posts make it to the "Discover" feed, that's an even greater opportunity to promote your brand.

Instagram also ensures that users engage with your content, which can boost brand awareness even more. As people keep commenting and liking your posts, the content has more chances to show up for even more individuals. Even better, those pleased by your products and services will likely recommend your brand to more people, starting a great brand awareness campaign.

The social media website is also a visual platform. Thus, engaging visual content can help followers memorize and become familiar with your brand.

How Do You Increase Brand Awareness on Instagram?

Increase Brand Awareness on Instagram

Building brand visibility is something you must commit to. It takes time, but also coming up with the right Instagram marketing strategy. The good news is that there are many things you can try, both paid and free. Let's look into a few techniques that will surely work for your Instagram presence:

1. Use Relevant Hashtags

One of the easiest ways to boost your visibility on the social media platform is by using branded hashtags. These hashtags are associated with your business and can help you promote your services and products.

Branded hashtags have many benefits. On one hand, they let you keep all your Instagram content organized, making it easier to find in a single place. On the other hand, they can also spark conversations and engage your audience. As a result, your content has a higher potential to be recommended to a larger group of people.

When someone looks up your brand's hashtag, they will stumble upon all the content posted under it.

2. Offer High-Quality Content

Let's be honest: people don't want to see boring Instagram content that they've seen a thousand times before. They're looking forward to something new and unique. This is especially true for Instagram, which focuses heavily on visual content.

Post relevant photos and videos that your audience will be drawn to. When you're first getting started, it can be hard to know what visual content appeals to your Instagram followers the most, but don't be afraid to try different things until you find the perfect recipe.

It takes time, but remember that your audience is more likely to retain a message from a video than from a text. If you don't know where to start, research similar brands and see how they do it, then improve your strategy.

3. Take Advantage of Reels and Stories

Instagram stories and reels are a good way to remind your followers that you exist and inform them about new services and products, among other things. The content can be about the benefits of your product, its features, and similar things.

There are many ways to do this - for example, you can incorporate behind-the-scenes videos and photos, product demos, and more. Besides, you can even use reels and stories to offer insights and tips to your users.

Don't forget that stories are only available for 24 hours, so choose the content you post there very carefully. If you want your followers to be able to access it whenever they want, you can save it in the Highlights section.

4. Study Top Influencers and Connect with Them

Instagram is heaven for influencers. If you learn how to use it to your advantage, this can be good for you.

If your niche has any relevant influencers who share your audience, you can always connect with them and work together to build more brand awareness. Believe it or not, many businesses partner with influencers to establish their presence on the platform.

Each partnership with influencers is unique. It may include sending them free stuff to try in front of their fans, exchanging content, etc. Ideally, you should choose influencers who align with your business and who don't compete with you. This is a great Instagram marketing strategy.

5. Do Giveaways

People love giveaways. After all, who doesn't like an opportunity to win something new? If you've browsed the platform before, you may have noticed that giveaway posts are among those with the most engagement. There are thousands of comments on these posts. What better way to attract more followers if not by offering them something?

Your giveaway should include something in high demand. It could feature one of your products or even the chance to meet your team and obtain your services for free. To build brand awareness with giveaways, you should ask users to comment, share, and like your post. You may even ask them to tag one or more friends, which may, in turn, make these friends join as well.

If you know how to use this tactic, it can quickly become a winning Instagram marketing strategy.

6. Consider Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads

Did you know you can use Instagram ads to improve your Instagram marketing? Now, considering how people usually feel about being bombarded with ads on social media, you may be hesitant to try this to increase brand awareness. Still, it's an excellent strategy to use to promote your business, especially when you're just starting. The key is not to overdo it.

To create ads, you must tap into your company's money. Once you begin advertising your firm's products and services and your Instagram profile, you'll more easily and effectively target your audience, offer important insights, and gain more engagement and followers.

Before you get started with ads on the Instagram app, you should understand that there are different types of adverts. These include:

  • Image ads
  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Explore ads

7. Don't Ignore User Generated Content

A key part of influencer Instagram marketing is making people trust your brand. So, what better way to do this than by using user-generated content? Many companies do this on their social media platforms because it tells others that they can rely on them and that they offer high-quality services and products.

Ask your followers to post photo or video reviews on their page, then share the posts on your account. You can do this with a QR code that links to your profile, and then you get the reviews posted on your page.

When Instagram users see that others had a positive experience with you, they are more likely to trust you and stick around in the long run.

8. Make Sure You Post Consistently

Consistency is key when it comes to your content strategy. More often than not, your Instagram followers expect constant activity from you - otherwise, they will be less likely to remember you and keep buying your products or services. When you have a consistent schedule, you can raise more awareness about your brand.

You should analyze your audience and determine when they are the most active. Then, you can come up with a posting schedule that works around that. In that case, you can either post every day at the same hour or have different schedules for each day based on your audience's activity.

9. Start Doing Live Streams

Did you know that Instagram has a live feature as well? People and businesses always use this to communicate with followers and share important news. The live option can be found at the top of your Instagram page.

Live streams can include many types of content. They can be Q&As where you let your followers get to know you better. However, you could also live stream special events hosted by the brand, workshops, classes, tutorials, or even live sessions in collaboration with influencers.

10. Do SEO Profile Optimization

SEO isn't only used for written content. It also works when used for your Instagram account. Sometimes, creating engaging content isn't enough - you need to have an attractive profile that will be shown when anyone looks for content related to your field.

How do you optimize your page for SEO, though? Well, it's not that hard. You can start by choosing a relevant username and an attractive profile photo. Then, you should add an engaging bio that contains keywords and hashtags related to your industry.

Another thing you can do is write SEO-optimized descriptions for your photos. Use relevant keywords so people can find them more easily when looking up anything in your niche.

11. Make Sure You Interact with Your Audience

Ignoring your followers would be a grave mistake. If you consistently refrain from interacting with the people who buy and promote your products and services, you'll end up losing them. Not to mention that your behaviour will also put off potential followers.

Instead, try to interact with your audience whenever you can. Once you share a new post, look through the comment section. Like comments and offer answers to their questions. You can also thank them when they praise your services and products.

They'll feel more like having a relationship with a real person and realize that you care about them and their needs. In the end, it's a marketing strategy that will pay off.

The Bottom Line

Increasing brand visibility takes time and effort. If you want your brand to become more popular and successful, you should take advantage of influencer marketing, interact with your followers, and rely on user-generated content. Sharing compelling stories and reels, adding relevant keywords and hashtags, and using sponsored content are also techniques that will help you grow. In the end, if you are dedicated enough, your strategy will be worth it.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial advice.

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