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FC 24: What's New in EA Sports' Latest Football Simulation Game

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FIFA 24 is FC24

EA Sports' FC 24 is the newest iteration in their long-running FIFA soccer video game franchise. With the loss of the FIFA name and license, EA has rebranded the game as FC 24 but it still retains the same great gameplay and modes that fans have come to know and love. 

Let players not be confused by the new name, because FC 24 is essentially FIFA 24, but with a new name, because the publishing house EA Sports could not agree with the football organization FIFA to continue using their name in their game and the project that had Over the last 20 years, the abbreviation has changed its name to the simple and understandable FC 24.

FC 24 includes new features, gameplay enhancements, and discussion around the game's strengths and potential limitations. While the name has changed due to licensing issues, FC 24 delivers the same realistic simulation gameplay that fans have come to expect from the franchise over the past two decades.

Game Modes and Formats

At its core, FC 24 delivers the same smooth, responsive gameplay the FIFA series is known for along with incremental graphics improvements. Player animations have been polished with more lifelike runs, tackles, and goal celebrations. Stadium atmospheres have also been enhanced with 3D crowds and more broadcast-style camera angles for an immersive TV-style presentation. EA promises even more gameplay fluidity and responsiveness, especially on next-gen consoles, for bone-crunching tackles and precision dribbling.

While the graphics step up is noticeable, some may argue it's not a huge generational leap compared to other next-gen sports titles. However, the polished animations and enhanced atmospheres still make for an excellent overall soccer experience.

Online Mode

This is the most popular and widespread format for playing football for many players, in which it all comes down to personal skill and luck, because even if you choose a titled club, you will not receive players with valid contracts, and the first squad will be formed randomly when opening the first sets.

Online play allows you to take your favorite club and test your skills against opponents from around the world. When you first start, your squad will be filled with random players until you earn more stars through matches and tournaments.

The key to building a competitive online team is acquiring FIFA coins, which can be earned through gameplay or purchased. Coins allow you to obtain packs with new player cards or buy specific players at auction. An active ranking and league system matches you against similarly skilled opponents as you build your team.

FIFA coins play an important role in getting the right football players, and you can get them through various matches, tournaments, and events, or simply buy FC 24 coins in SkyCoach.


To ensure that players don’t get bored, and they get the opportunity not only to grind and earn FC 24 coins but also to have fun and play games against difficult opponents, a system of tournaments was organized, where all interested players who are active enough to qualify can enter, and technical enough to win the right number of matches. Tournaments provide another avenue to earn prizes and coins outside regular online matches. 

You'll need to gain 1500 qualification points per week to enter tournaments where you can win coins, packs, stadium customizations, and more. Even if you don't advance past the qualifying round, you still earn rewards.

If you get to the main stage, then you are already guaranteed to receive several large sets with random golden football players and now have to play 20 matches, where each victory will allow you to receive additional FIFA 24 coins, football player cards and various decorations for stadiums and goal celebration cards, in including the style of Ronaldo and other famous football players.


Relive famous moments from football history by completing in-game scenarios and objectives. This provides a fun diversion from normal matches while allowing you to earn more FIFA coins.

FC24 System Requirements


New challenges are assigned each week by the FC 24 board. Completing these unlocks coins and can level up your existing player cards.

Career Mode

This is a match format that is familiar to everyone who has ever played any of the versions of FIFA that have been released over the past 20 years.

Career mode lets you take control of a club as the manager. You oversee all aspects of running the team from training to transfers as you guide them over multiple seasons. This provides a deeper experience beyond just match play.

In this format, no matter which club you choose, you will receive a current playing roster comparable to the real contracts of the players who are in it.

It’s more interesting, of course, to take a club from weak leagues and bring them to the Champions League, but everyone chooses their own gameplay.

Pro Mode

Pro mode is a newer addition that lets you create a single player and control just them. Start in the youth squad and work your way up through the senior team as you develop your player. You directly control your pro in matches while your AI teammates play around you. This provides a unique experience as you chase glory for your virtual pro.

Remember that you can only control your player, and you can contact your teammates through passes and requests to pass, but the players themselves will play for you if you are a forward, interact as a defender, or playback if you are a goalkeeper.

EA's FC24 football game

Gameplay Improvements

In addition to new modes, FC 24 also delivers improved realism and graphics:

  • Enhanced physics, animations, and ball mechanics provide even more realistic gameplay
  • Individual players, crowds, and managers react intelligently to match events
  • Playing styles for over 19,000 players are tuned to match their real-life counterparts
  • Motion capture from professional players results in smooth, lifelike movements
  • Photorealistic graphics make it feel like you're watching a live broadcast

Managing Your Club

As a manager in career mode, you have full control over your club. Here are some of the key responsibilities:

Transfers and Contracts

  • Buy, sell, and loan players in the transfer windows
  • Offer contracts to negotiate salaries and contract length
  • Balance team needs, budgets, and player morale

Tactics and Training

  • Set formations, positions, and tactical styles
  • Train players to improve attributes like passing, pace, and shooting
  • Develop customized training plans


  • Manage budgets and club value
  • Invest in facilities like training grounds and stadiums
  • Balance profitability with on-field performance

Youth Development

  • Scout for promising prospects around the world
  • Sign youth academy players and nurture their development
  • Promote top prospects to the senior squad

With comprehensive management systems, career mode allows you to inhabit the role of manager. Your choices shape the club over months and years as you chase the thrill of victory.

Take Your Game to the Next Level

For soccer gaming fans, FC 24 represents an exciting new chapter for the long-running EA series. The renamed franchise shows evolution in the key areas that matter - smoother core gameplay animations, enhanced visuals and presentation, improved ball physics and deepened career progression. EA has clearly invested heavily in HyperMotion 2 technology to really up the realism factor this year for a true next-gen feel.

The loss of the FIFA brand may sting initially but the licensing situation remains largely status quo outside of the World Cup. And EA reassures they will continue pursuing partnerships to deepen the content and licensing in future updates. While some visuals like crowds and environments still have room for improvement, there's no denying FC 24 delivers where it matters most - incredible pitch action more lifelike than ever before. Overall FC 24 feels like a needed incremental upgrade to appeal to both casual kick-off fans and hardcore FUT enthusiasts alike.

Whether you're aiming to lead a storied club to European glory or take a minnow to the top, FC 24 offers deeper gameplay options than ever before in the FIFA series. Sharper graphics, improved realism, and new modes provide a varied experience for football fans.

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