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All Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developer Resources You Will Need

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developer
Businesses are continuously looking for methods to improve customer experiences, streamline operations, and spur growth in today's fast-paced business environment. One effective instrument for attaining these objectives is the set of cloud-based business solutions known as Microsoft Dynamics 365. The demand for knowledgeable developers who can customise and expand these applications has increased as organisations embrace Dynamics 365 at an increasing rate. If you are a business that works on Dynamics 365 development projects, then you must read this article till the end. 

In this article, you will read about the important resources that are essential for Dynamics 365 developers on a daily basis. This guide will also help you to hire Dynamics 365 developer according to your organisation's needs.

Microsoft Dynamics 365: A Brief Overview

When Microsoft combined Dynamics AXE, its ERP application, and the Dynamics CRM application, Dynamics 365 was released in 2016. It is one of the first companies to provide an integrated solution. 

It is increasingly necessary for software/solution suppliers to release apps that follow the latest trends, given the dynamic nature of business and the potential of unusual circumstances. You can choose from a range of available options because Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive package of services that enables all-in-one solutions.

It offers a lot of intelligent business tools in the Dynamics 365 package, which helps you to interact with clients and build relationships to improve business processes, connect and expand.

The Importance of Resources for Dynamics 365 Developers

It requires an extensive knowledge of the platform's capabilities, customisation, and best practices to develop for the Dynamics 365 project, as the Dynamics 365 platform is always updating due to new features and additions. Developers are required to constantly update with the environment and adapt to the growing changes.

It includes creating, customising, and expanding Dynamics 365 applications to fit according to the business needs. Below are some of the crucial tasks that you must keep in mind before you hire Dynamics 365 developer :

  • Creating Custom Entities: He/ she is responsible for creating new entities (data structures)for customisation for the organisation's data model.
  • Customising Forms and Views: Dynamics 365's user interface can be modified to show data in a user-friendly manner through forms and views.
  • Implementing Business Logic: The business rules that control how data is processed, validated, and transformed inside Dynamics 365 are defined by developers in code.
  • Integrating with Other Systems: Developers are in charge of creating the integrations that Dynamics 365 requires to interface with other software systems.
  • Extending Functionality: Custom plugins, processes, and extensions can be created for Dynamics 365 to expand its capability beyond built-in features.

Key Concepts and Terminology

Developers who want to succeed in Dynamics 365 programming should become familiar with the vocabulary and fundamental ideas that make up the platform:

  • Entities: Data containers known as entities are used to store particular kinds of data. Examples include the terms "Account," "Contact," and special entities made for certain business needs.
  • Attributes: Fields within entities are defined through attributes. Each attribute has attributes that govern how it functions as well as a data type (such as text, numeric, or date).
  • Forms: Users' viewing of data is governed by forms. They consist of the arrangement of the tabs, sections, and fields.
  • Views: Views are collections of records that satisfy certain requirements. They facilitate users' access to and usage of data fast.
  • Solutions: Solutions are containers for organising and packaging customisations, including entities, attributes, forms, workflows, and more.
  • Web Resources: Web resources are documents (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc.) that may be utilised to improve Dynamics 365's functionality and user interface.

Why Understanding Fundamentals is Crucial?

Every company makes use of technology in some way. Apps are available to monitor client interactions, engagement, and the delivery of goods and services. These are amorphously referred to as business software or apps. People involved in an organisation's supply chain, finance, customer support, and marketing use these apps.

For businesses of various sizes, Microsoft offers a wide variety of business applications. These apps can function right out of the box, and many of them allow changes to satisfy the demands of all users. While some adjustments are straightforward, others may require a high level of technical expertise. Hence, understanding fundamentals is the base while beginning any Dynamics 365 project. The same applies when you hire a Microsoft Dynamics 365 developer. 

Essential Development Tools

A certain set of specialised tools are needed to develop Dynamics 365 to make the process easier. The creation, deployment, and management of customisations and extensions are made easier by these technologies. For better understanding, we've included detailed explanations of a few key development tools here:

  • Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code

The development of Dynamics 365 is carried out using the potent Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. These tools offer various functionalities for developing, testing, and delivering unique solutions.

  • Power Platform CLI

A command-line tool called the Power Platform CLI speeds up development processes, including solution packaging and deployment. It makes it possible for developers to work more productively by automating procedures.

  • Dynamics 365 Developer Toolkit

A Visual Studio add-on called the Dynamics 365 Developer Toolkit makes standard development activities like building and deploying plugins, unique workflows, and web resources easier.

  • Power Apps and Power Automate

Low-code platforms like Power Apps and Power Automate (formerly known as Microsoft Flow) let programmers build specialised applications and automate workflows for Dynamics 365 and other Microsoft services.

Why do Best Practices and Tips work out as a saviour?

Follow good Coding Standards and Best Practices

Nothing will work out if you don't follow best coding practices; it has a lot of impact on the overall project and prevents future circumstances. Clean, effective, and maintainable Dynamics 365 solutions require adherence to coding standards and best practices. Following these rules ensures that the code is reliable, clear, and less prone to mistakes.

Avoid Development Pitfalls 

The growth of Dynamics 365 is not without its share of difficulties and dangers. To guarantee the dependability and stability of their solutions, developers must be aware of typical problems and understand how to avoid them.

Optimise for Performance and Security

Dynamics 365 application performance and security must be optimised, especially in large-scale installations. Developers should put measures in place to improve system speed and protect delicate data.


The success of your organisation depends on the appropriate tools and resources you have. More importantly, having a solid grasp of the principles underlying the platform is also a crucial point. Developers can build solid and efficient solutions if they are knowledgeable about fundamental concepts, have the necessary development tools, and are directed by best practices.

If you are hiring Developers, look for his/her continual learning approach as the Dynamics 365 ecosystem changes. The path to becoming a proficient Dynamics 365 developer includes staying up to speed with upgrades, participating in online groups, and looking for extra training and certification possibilities.

Author Bio:

Mr. Maulik Shah is the founder & CEO of CRMJetty, the hub of innovative customer relationship solutions, provides ready-to-CMS integrated portal solutions for SuiteCRM, Sugar CRM, Salesforce, and Dynamics CRM, IT service, education portal, healthcare portal development, travel portal development. He also provides services like Hire Salesforce Developer & Hire Dynamics 365 Developer.

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