Truecaller Launches AI Powered Truecaller Assistant in India

Truecaller Launches AI-Powered 'Assistant' in India To Combat Spam and Fraud Calls in India

Truecaller Assistant in India
Truecaller, the globally recognized caller identification app, has recently introduced its innovative feature, Truecaller Assistant, in India. Employing sophisticated Machine Learning (ML) and cloud telephony capabilities, the Assistant is poised to redefine the realm of call screening, promising a proficient solution to thwart spam and fraud calls.

The groundbreaking Truecaller Assistant feature now finds its place within the Truecaller app available for Android users in India. Envisioned as a versatile and user-interactive digital receptionist, the Assistant is designed to manage calls on behalf of the user, efficiently filtering out unwanted communication.

The Truecaller Assistant shines in its ability to rapidly respond to incoming calls, offering real-time transcription of the caller's speech. This not only allows users to identify the caller but also understand the context and intention behind the call. Leveraging this information, users can choose to engage with the call, ask for further information, or mark it as spam, thereby maintaining control over their communication.

Rishit Jhunjhunwala, the Managing Director of Truecaller India, conveyed his enthusiasm for this game-changing feature: 

"Until now, Truecaller would show you who's calling, but now you can let Truecaller Assistant have a conversation with the caller on your behalf. This is a very exciting next step for us in helping people avoid spam and fraud callers completely. We've rolled this out to a few markets earlier, and we are really happy to offer this to Truecaller fans in India."


Truecaller is offering Indian users a chance to experience the benefits of the Truecaller Assistant with a free 14-day trial. Following this, users can opt for the Truecaller Premium Assistant plan, accessible from Rs 149 per month (currently available at a promotional rate of Rs 99).

Having already made its mark in the United States and Australia, Truecaller Assistant plans to broaden its horizons to other markets and languages in the coming times. Catering to the linguistic diversity of India, the Assistant initially supports English, Hindi, and the hybrid 'Hinglish,' thereby accommodating a broad user base. Users also have the liberty to choose a personalized assistant embodying various accents and tones, ranging from professional to friendly or courteous, enhancing the overall user experience.

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