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What is the content of CCNP exam?

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CCNP exam certification
Are you looking to advance your networking career and gain recognition for your expertise? Then the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification may be just what you need. However, before diving into the CCNP exam, it's essential to understand its content thoroughly. In this blog post, we'll explore in detail what exactly is included in the CCNP exam and give you some study resources from SPOTO that can help you pass with flying colors! So let's get started!

What is CCNP? (Full form)

The Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCP) is an advanced-level certification provided by Cisco that validates a candidate's ability to plan, implement, verify, and troubleshoot local and wide-area enterprise networks. Professionals who earn this certification are often highly sought after in the IT industry for their skills and expertise.

The CCNP Exam Content

The CCNP exam content is designed to test the knowledge and skills of IT professionals in different areas related to networking. This certification focuses on advanced-level network infrastructure, security, automation, and collaboration. Cisco has recently updated its exam blueprint which now includes 6 exams instead of the previous version that had 3 exams. 

These new changes mean that candidates will be required to cover a wider range of topics as compared to before. One of the major changes in this update is that Cisco has included some emerging technologies such as SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Networking) and Network Programmability. 

This shift shows how Cisco is adapting to emerging trends in technology. To prepare for the CCNP exams, candidates need study resources from SPOTO like Cisco 350-401 exam dumps which provide an accurate representation of what you can expect during your actual exam. Additionally, studying with these materials helps identify knowledge gaps thereby improving your overall performance come exam day. 

With a combination of proper preparation using reliable study resources from SPOTO along with hands-on experience working with real-life scenarios, it's possible for any IT professional looking towards getting their CCNP certification to successfully pass the exams and become certified by Cisco themselves!

The Three Main Tiers of the CCNP Exam

The CCNP exam is divided into three main tiers that test different levels of knowledge and skills. These tiers are designed to help candidates progress through the certification process and demonstrate proficiency in various areas. 

The first tier, known as the lower-level CCNP exams, includes topics such as network fundamentals, switching technologies, routing technologies, and infrastructure services. This tier requires a basic understanding of networking concepts and protocols. 

Moving up to the second tier or the core exams means a deeper understanding of advanced topics like automation, security, and wireless networking among others. It is essential for candidates at this level to have hands-on experience with Cisco equipment in order to pass. 

Upper-level CCNP exams test expertise in specific technology tracks such as enterprise networking solutions or collaboration solutions. At this stage, candidates should have extensive practical experience with their chosen track and be able to apply their knowledge effectively. 

To prepare for any of these tiers effectively it's important to use study resources from trusted sources like Spoto who offer 100% real Cisco 350-401 exam dumps along with other study material that can help you succeed on your journey towards becoming a certified Cisco professional.

The Lower-Level CCNP Exam Tiers

The lower-level CCNP exam tiers are designed to test the foundational knowledge of networking concepts. These exams are a prerequisite for the upper-level CCNP exams, and it is essential to have a strong understanding of this material before moving on. 

The first tier focuses on core networking technologies such as routing, switching, and wireless LANs. The Cisco 350-401 exam dumps cover topics such as OSPF, EIGRP, STP, and VLANs among others. It is important to be familiar with these topics because they form the backbone of modern networks. 

The second tier builds upon the first by introducing more complex network architectures like WANs and SD-WANs. The Cisco 300-410 ENARSI exam covers advanced routing protocols like BGP and MPLS VPNs alongside security features like ACLs and NAT. 

The third tier moves into specialized fields such as automation or security. Candidates must choose one concentration from options including Enterprise Networks, Service Provider Networks, or Collaboration among others. 

Mastering the lower-level CCNP tiers provides an excellent foundation for those seeking careers in IT infrastructure management or engineering roles within organizations across various industries around the world.

The Upper-Level CCNP Exam Tiers

The Upper-Level CCNP Exam Tiers are designed to test your advanced knowledge and skills in networking. These exams require a deeper understanding of complex network technologies including automation, security, and infrastructure configuration. 

The first exam in the upper-level tier is the Implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services (ENARSI) exam. This exam covers topics such as advanced routing protocols, VPNs, Quality of Service (QoS), and high availability solutions. 

The second exam is the Implementing Cisco SD-WAN Solutions (SDWAN300) exam which focuses on software-defined WAN architectures, policies, quality of service mechanisms, security considerations, and deployment models. Candidates must pass one concentration exam from a list provided by Cisco Systems that aligns with their area of expertise. The list includes various concentrations like enterprise wireless networks or data center technologies. 

Preparing for these exams effectively requires extensive study using proven resources like Cisco 350-401 exam dumps or study resources from Spoto along with hands-on experience working with real-world scenarios to build practical skills needed for success on test day.

Study Materials and Resources

Preparation for the CCNP exam involves a combination of theoretical study, practical exercises, and hands-on training. Cisco provides a variety of study materials including books, video courses, lab exercises, and practice tests. Candidates are also advised to gain practical experience in managing and solving real-world network problems.

Here are some resources that can help you prepare for the exam:

  1. Cisco Learning Network: This platform provides a wealth of resources including study materials, practice questions, and discussion forums where candidates can interact and learn from each other.
  2. CCNP Study Books: Cisco Press publishes official study guides for the CCNP exams. These books cover all exam objectives in detail and also provide practice questions and exercises.
  3. Online Training Platforms: Websites like Udemy, Coursera, and Pluralsight offer online courses for CCNP preparation.

Exam Format and Duration

The CCNP exams are typically 120 minutes long and include a mix of multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, fill-in-the-blank, and simulation questions. Cisco does not publicly disclose the exact number of questions on its exams, but candidates should be prepared for a challenging test of their knowledge and skills.


To sum it up, the CCNP exam is a comprehensive test that covers advanced networking concepts and skills in great depth. The exam content includes three tiers of certification, each with its own set of requirements and topics to be covered. It is essential to have access to reliable study resources like Cisco 350-401 exam dumps and other materials from SPOTO to prepare effectively for this rigorous examination.

Aspiring network professionals who pass the CCNP exam demonstrate their proficiency in configuring, implementing, troubleshooting, and managing complex enterprise networks. Achieving this certification opens doors to many career opportunities in high-demand fields such as cybersecurity and cloud computing. 

If you're planning on taking the CCNP exam soon or want more information about how to get certified by Cisco, do not hesitate to check SPOTO's website for valuable study resources that can help boost your chances of success!

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