OpenAI Boosts Cybersecurity Efforts with $1M Grant Program

"OpenAI's $1M Cybersecurity Grant Program aims to empower defenders, measure AI capabilities, and elevate cybersecurity discourse. Apply now!"

OpenAI cybersecurity grant
OpenAI has made an impressive announcement: the launch of a novel Cybersecurity Grant Program. This initiative is designed to supercharge AI-powered cybersecurity capabilities, foster a higher level of AI and cybersecurity discourse, and help balance the power dynamics within the cybersecurity arena. With a generous budget of $1 million, OpenAI aims to collaborate with cybersecurity defenders around the world to create a safer digital ecosystem.

Threefold Program Objectives

OpenAI has identified three primary goals for its grant program:

Empowering Defenders: The first objective is to ensure that the forefront of AI capabilities is used to significantly benefit cybersecurity defenders. OpenAI understands that defenders, the unsung heroes of cybersecurity, need the best tools available to protect the digital landscape.

Measuring Capabilities: The second goal is to establish methods to quantify the cybersecurity abilities of AI models. By accurately measuring their effectiveness, OpenAI can better comprehend and enhance their performance.

Elevating Discourse: The final objective is to boost discussions at the intersection of AI and cybersecurity. This effort will nurture a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities that exist in this domain and inspire innovative solutions.

Project Ideas: Encouraging Innovation

OpenAI is inviting applications to fund or support initiatives with a strong preference for practical applications of AI in defensive cybersecurity. Some of the proposed project ideas include:

  • Collect and label data from cyber defenders to train defensive cybersecurity agents
  • Detect and mitigate social engineering tactics
  • Automate incident triage 
  • Identify security issues in source code
  • Assist network or device forensics
  • Automatically patch vulnerabilities
  • Optimize patch management processes to improve prioritization, scheduling, and deployment of security updates
  • Develop or improve confidential compute on GPUs
  • Create honeypots and deception technology to misdirect or trap attackers
  • Assist reverse engineers in creating signatures and behavior based detections of malware
  • Analyze an organization’s security controls and compare to compliance regimes
  • Assist developers to create secure by design and secure by default software
  • Assist end users to adopt security best practices
  • Aid security engineers and developers to create robust threat models
  • Produce threat intelligence with salient and relevant information for defenders tailored to their organization
  • Help developers port code to memory safe languages

These ideas provide a clear direction of the expected applications, ensuring they're geared towards defense.

Apply Now: A Call to Action

OpenAI is encouraging those who align with their vision for a secure AI-driven future to submit their proposals. The organization will evaluate applications on a rolling basis, with grants being given in increments of $10,000 USD from a fund of $1M USD, in the form of API credits, direct funding, and/or equivalents.

It is important to note that all projects should ideally be designed to be licensed or distributed for maximal public benefit. OpenAI is prioritizing applications with a clear plan to contribute towards the larger good. Offensive-security projects, however, are not being considered for funding at this time.

The OpenAI Cybersecurity Grant Program represents an important milestone in the marriage of AI and cybersecurity. By promoting innovation, collaboration, and public discourse, OpenAI is looking to redefine the power dynamics in cybersecurity and usher in a safer digital future. 

Applications are now open. If you believe your project aligns with these goals, consider applying to help shape this exciting initiative. You can submit your project by filling out the cybersecurity grant program form.

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