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Prepostseo - Best Tool for SEO and Content Writers

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Prepostseo Platform for Content Writers

You can find innumerable content-writing tools on the internet. They all perform specific functions such as grammar checking, paraphrasing, summarizing text, and many others.

In this article, we are going to discuss a platform designed for assisting content writers - with several online tools - known as Prepostseo.


Prepostseo is an online toolkit with tools such as a grammar checker, plagiarism checker, article rewriter, etc. It has almost all the tools that can assist content writers in their writing endeavors.  

We are going to go through some of the features and tools provided by Prepostseo one by one to determine the platform’s quality and efficacy. 

Some of the Main tools 

Since there are more than 95 tools on this platform, discussing all of them wouldn’t be possible. We are going to review some of the essential content-writing tools here and give them a rating out of 10. 

The supported formats of input files include copied text, doc and docx files, and Google Drive files. The output is in the form of text that can be downloaded as a document or copied.

1. Plagiarism Checker

The plagiarism checker is the first Prepostseo tool on our list. It compares your content with a large number of online sources to find any plagiarized or copied text. 

The plagiarism checker provides some additional features as well. These include the option to exclude URLs and quotes because they are usually written in the same words as the original source, and the user cites a link to that source to acknowledge the author of that information.

2. Paraphrasing Tool

This tool changes the input text to provide a modified result that has the same meaning as the original. These modifications might include the use of synonyms, replacement of sentence structures, changes in the voice of phrases, and much more. 

The paraphrasing tool comes with four modes which are as follows-

  • Standard
  • Fluency
  • Creative
  • Smarter

3. Summarizing Tool

Summarizing tool allows users to summarize lengthy content quickly and easily. The final result has only the most crucial points of the inputted piece of text. The tool allows doc, docx, and pdf files other than copied text. There is an option available to compress the original text by a number of words or by a percentage. 

The two main things from the passage are a part of the summarized content, and the lack of transition between the two phrases affects the meaning of the paragraph as a whole. Still, this damage is somewhat repairable. The user can make use of this passage by adding a transitionary clause that hardly comprises two or three words.

4. Grammar Checker

The function of the grammar-checking tool is to detect grammar errors in the inputted text. The parts of the text that are grammatically inaccurate are highlighted, and suitable suggestions are provided to the users. 

5. Image to Text

This tool extracts text from an image. The function this extraction serves is to make the content in the image readable for machines. This tool allows input in the form of an image of almost all formats, a google drive file, and a URL. 

6. Article Rewriter

Article rewriter, as the name hints, rewrites articles in such a way that the main theme is conserved, but the wording is altered to make it look different. The rewritten content generated by this tool is very impressive. The tool replaced the old words with the relevant synonyms and also changes the vocabulary part if necessary. The tool also offers additional suggestions on the changes made which can be accessed by clicking on the underlined words on results.

User experience

The first thing that a user notices when visiting a website is the web design. One of the main factors of a good website is its UI design. Prepostseo has also a very good design which makes it easy to use. However, there are some ads on the site but they are somewhat bearable. Users can subscribe to its premium plan to use some of its premium tools or features including no ads.


Prepostseo’s premium plan comes in three variants that basically differ only in the number of search queries and word limit. These are: 

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Company

They can either be billed annually or monthly. The annual plan is more economical as compared to the monthly, but it’s feasible only for long-term users. In order to subscribe to these, you first have to log in by creating an account or using your Google account. Then you can perform a transaction online to buy the plan that fits your requirements.

Pros and Cons List

Here are some of the pros and cons to help you get an idea of this platform’s credibility.



95+ free tools

Word limits

Multiple language support for different tools

Confusing ads all over for free users

Generates results quickly

Fast website

Cooperative contact team

Reasonable Pricing

Final thoughts

Prepostseo is a very vast platform that provides a variety of different tools to its users. Because of such a large number of tools, the quality of some of them might be better or worse than others. Nevertheless, all of them perform their dedicated tasks quite efficiently.

If you are looking for a long-term platform that provides tools to assist your online business journey, then Prepostseo is a good pick.

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