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Industrial Applications: The Reasons to Use a Panel PC

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Use a Panel PC

In the ever-evolving world of technology, panel PCs have emerged as a popular choice for businesses and industries seeking to optimize their operations. These powerful, all-in-one computers integrate a touchscreen display with the processing unit, creating a compact, versatile, and efficient device. 

Industrial settings are seeing a rise in the usage of panel PCs. There are numerous reasons why this is the case. The following article will detail the main reasons why panel PCs are a better solution than conventional PCs for industrial applications. 

Picking the right panel PC

Before listing the reasons below, there is an important aspect you have to think about picking the right system. It is not a case of selecting just any panel PC you come across. You have to choose one that is the right fit for your industrial application. 

This is trickier than it may initially seem. Look at major distributor Things Embedded, and you’ll see there are many panel PCs available. Which option has the right specs and features for your application? This is where working with a company like the aforementioned Things Embedded can pay off, as their experts are able to point you in the direction that leads to the right panel PC for your needs.

Benefit #1: Durability

When matched up against conventional PC systems, there is one notable advantage in the favor of panel PCs: durability. These machines are designed to be much more durable and rugged than standard PCs.

As a result, they are able to stand up against much harsher environments, the types often found in different industrial settings. Additionally, they can be moved around with greater ease.

Benefit #2: Greater viewing experience

A panel PC is built with a greater viewing experience firmly in mind. The screen is built with high-quality components. It is also constructed with a wide variance of brightness settings –to the point where viewing the panel PC screen is not a problem even in direct sunlight.

The design of a panel PC means it can also be mounted as you require. Unlike a conventional PC, you don’t have to stick it on a desk. You are able to place it in the most convenient location for your industrial requirements.

Benefit #3: Touchscreen functionality

A lot of panel PC options are designed to include touchscreen functionality. This functionality isn’t just a fancy feature or gimmick. It can be particularly helpful for certain industrial applications.

For example, a worker might have to complete computer interactions without using either a mouse or keyboard. With the touchscreen functionality, they can still complete processes by, you guessed it, touching the screen.

Benefit #4: Long-term sessions

An industrial setting will see computers being used for a long period of time. They can also be located within intense temperatures. Fortunately, panel PCs are created for long-term sessions within tough settings. This is exemplified by the inclusion of built-in cooling systems, which help prevent the possibility of overheating.

Benefit #5: High-quality components

As you can likely gather from the previous points, panel PCs are built with high-quality components. This means they are less likely to malfunction or falter down the line, extending their lifespan – and saving you money in buying replacements as a result.


Panel PCs are an increasingly popular choice for businesses and industries seeking to optimize their operations, save space, and enhance efficiency. With their compact design, robust construction, easy integration, and versatile applications, panel PCs are well-suited for a variety of environments and industries. By investing in a panel PC, businesses can streamline their operations, improve productivity, and reduce their environmental impact – all while enjoying the benefits of a reliable, durable, and customizable technology solution.

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