How to Prepare for Becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional

Microsoft professional techs address client issues, set up programs and respond to customers queries regarding manufacturer's software products.

Microsoft Certified Professional

As technology is booming, the demand for Microsoft-certified professionals (MCPs) has increased. Many big companies have significant job positions for these professionals. You can be the next one if you consider Microsoft certification training. 

There is a diverse range of Microsoft certification courses you can choose according to your preferences. Some examples are Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Microsoft 365, etc. Every course varies from the other in terms of knowledge and exams. For instance, if you choose Microsoft 365, you must have the required skills and pass the designated exam to earn the certificate. 

Microsoft online courses are diverse and have various levels, from beginner to advanced. Candidates can select them according to their current level of expertise. It helps them acquire the most skills and knowledge out of the training. 

Preparing for Microsoft certifications courses exams is not complex as it seems. Anyone with a basic understanding of the concepts can pass the assessment and earn a certificate. Also, it is essential to follow some tips for a better experience. We have curated this article to understand everything about Microsoft certificates and how to prepare for the exams. 

Who are Microsoft-certified professionals? 

Microsoft-certified professionals are individuals who have earned the certification after passing the assessment. Microsoft certificates reflect their effort and potential to enhance and learn new skills in a particular domain or system.

As for certification tracks, the company provides two options. These are the Business Professional track and the Technology Professional track. The professional track is divided into five certification levels. Beginners can consider Microsoft Office Specialist or Microsoft Technology Associate, while experts can select Technology Specialist certification or Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. 

It is always better to comprehend the basic concepts of a course before moving to advanced ones. Therefore, you have to consider your expertise level when deciding on Microsoft certification training. 

You can use the knowledge gained from a course in your career and enhance your performance from a good Microsoft Certificates Training.

How can you prepare for becoming a Microsoft-certified professional?

Earning a Microsoft certificate can help you advance your career in many ways. Here are some tips that you can follow to obtain certification-

Decide on a study schedule: Creating a schedule is valuable to preparing for the Microsoft certification exam. A proper schedule can help you achieve your study goals. You can select a time when you can fully devote yourself to learning or when there are fewer distractions. However, follow the routine regularly to cover the entire course.

Know the examination format: Microsoft certification exams have a simple format. You might come across case studies, multiple-choice questions, and more. You can get all the information on the Microsoft certification website.

The time duration of every assessment is different. It usually depends on the type of Microsoft certification training you have completed. So, don't forget to check the time duration details from the website.  

Note down the topics and start preparation: Once you receive the exam outline, you can note the topics you need to learn. Then you can understand them one by one with consistent practice. You should begin with easy topics before proceeding to advanced ones. 

Make extensive notes: Microsoft certification assessments include detailed questions. That is why you need to be extra prepared to answer them. The best way to cover everything is by creating extensive notes while studying. They will not only help you pass the exam but also when you want to learn anything in the future. 

Find reliable study material: The study material matters a lot when preparing for a Microsoft examination. As there are many options for students, confusion arises. Well, you can eliminate this confusion after researching the preparation sources. If they are reliable, you can depend on them.

Practice with sample papers: Some sample question papers are available on the Microsoft website. You can practice with them to understand the format and questions that usually come. As a result, you won't feel overwhelmed when taking an exam.

Practical knowledge: Almost all Microsoft online courses are based on technical skills. It means that only theoretical knowledge won't help you pass the assessment. You have to experiment using different software to gain practical knowledge. 

How beneficial are Microsoft certification courses for professionals? 

Microsoft offers a wide variety of courses on different subjects. You can use the knowledge gained from a course in your career and enhance your performance. The benefits of doing Microsoft-certificates training are as follows-

  • As every course is comprehensive, it is an excellent opportunity for beginners to learn.
  • You can increase your chances of getting a job in the industry and earning potential.
  • If you are a professional, you can hone your current skills in a particular field. 


Becoming a certified Microsoft professional is possible with proper preparation. You must be proficient in the course to pass the examination in one go. Besides, you must be aware of the format and objectives of the assessment. You can consider the tips mentioned above to begin your pre

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