Best VS Code Themes: Top 5 Themes For Visual Studio Code

Most popular and best theme for Visual Studio Code

There are lots of developers and coders who do like to customize their code editor for some or more reasons. Even I too like to have a custom looks at my editor. I use VS Code for my work so here I am sharing some of the best themes for VS Code that I really like. 

1. One Dark Pro

Obviously everyone's favourite and one of the most downloaded theme of VS Code. I too like this theme of its simplicity and clear looks.

Download One Dark Pro Theme for VSCode and do give it a try if you haven't done it yet.

2.   Andromede 

Andromede is another great theme for VS Code and it is on second on my list. This theme also has a darker look and is clear too. The code on this theme is quite bright and clear. 

This theme includes a variant with italic keywords that looks great with fonts like Operator Mono or Catograph Mono.

Download Andromede Theme for VSCode

3. Snazzy Operator

Snazzy Operator is another theme that looks great with fonts like Operator Mono. if you are looking for a simple and elegant look for your code editor them this will definitely be the best theme for you. 

Download Snazzy operator Theme for VSCode

4. Ayu Theme

A simple theme with bright colours and comes in three versions — dark, light and mirage for all day long comfortable work. This is one of the best themes that has three different colours in a single theme.

Download Ayu Theme for VS Code

5. Material Icon Theme

This is not exactly a theme, but it is an icon pack. With this, you can change the design of the default icon of files and folders. It gives a very clear view of your code file and folder. There are thousands of icons available on this pack like js, jar, android etc.

Download Material Icon Theme for VS Code

The above themes are my favourite one. If I missed any other great one then do comment down and also tell your favourite one. Happy Coding ☺😃

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