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5 Ways To Bolster Your Cybersecurity

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It is important that every business owner understands the large and growing threat of cybercrime. Cybercrime has been a major issue for many years, but it has now become even more prevalent during COVID-19 and businesses need to do all that they can to protect themselves and their important data. A cyberattack has the potential to be devastating and could be hard to recover from, but the good news is that there are lots of ways that you can bolster your protection against the latest threats. Read on to find out more about how you can bolster your cybersecurity to protect your business.

1. Test Your Existing Defenses

First, it is a good idea to test your existing defenses to identify the areas that need improvement. Keep in mind that cybercrime is constantly changing and evolving, so the protection that you had in place a few years ago would no longer suffice. This is why you need to test your existing defenses and then do this again once you have made a few improvements.

2. Use Staff Training

Cyber attacks are often successful due to staff negligence or social engineering. This is why one of the most important steps to take is to use staff training so that they know how they can stay safe and carry out their role without putting the business and data at risk - this is particularly important if you have staff working remotely. 

3. Enforce Passwords Rules and 2FA. 

Following on from this, hackers often gain access simply by guessing or finding out the passwords to accounts. This can be avoided by enforcing password rules, which should include having to change passwords on a regular basis and having random, complex passwords. You should also introduce 2FA, which acts as another layer of defense and can stop hackers if they do get past password protection.

4. Office 365 Governance

With Microsoft Office 365 Governance from specialists like, you have greater control over who has access to your data and you are able to bolster your cybersecurity. You can do this by controlling access to resources and data so that people can only access the content that they need for their role. With Cloud Governance for Microsoft 365, you are able to balance control and collaboration, so that both security and management requirements are met and data is not put at risk.

5. Keep Devices Updated

As mentioned, cybercrime is constantly evolving and this makes it an ongoing battle. It also means that you are putting your business at risk if you are delaying updates to devices and software as these often contain the latest security patches to provide protection against the latest threats. This is why you should make it a policy to make updates as they become available, even if this interferes with work. 

It is important for every business to take a look at its cybersecurity protection and ensure that it is providing sufficient protection against the latest threats. These are a few of the best ways to do this that will help to protect your company and give you peace of mind.
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