Apple Technical Documentation fell into the Hands of REvil Ransomware

REvil operators are currently in talks with several major brands to sell blueprints.

According to information posted on the darknet, the operators of the ransomware REvil are going to lay out the blueprints for Apple today to make the company an unpleasant surprise before the upcoming presentation. REvil recommends Apple to buy back the data by May 1st.

“In order not to wait for the upcoming Apple presentations, today, we, the REvil group, will provide data on the upcoming releases of the company so beloved by many. Tim Cook can thank Quanta. We have devoted a lot of time to solving this problem. Quanta made it clear to us that it does not care about data our customers and employees, thereby allowing us to publish and sell all the data that we have, "- reads the website REvil.

Today at 20-00 Moscow time Apple will host the "Full bloom" event. The event is expected to feature updated iPad Pro models, a new Apple Pencil, and the highly anticipated AirTag trackers for finding things.

The proposed whitepaper was stolen in a recent attack on Quanta Computer, the world's largest computer hardware manufacturer. Quanta Computer produces about 33% of all laptops in the world for brands such as Dell, HP, Sony, Toshiba, Apple, and others.

REvil operators are reportedly currently in talks with several major brands to sell blueprints. The incident could be a serious blow to Quanta Computer and be disastrous.

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