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Hackers Stole Source for Three Microsoft Products on Solarwinds Attack

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Microsoft has been closely following the SolarWinds hack case since it discovered unusual activity on its systems last December. Now she has completed her own investigation into the incident, which revealed that hackers did not gain access to user data and did not use Microsoft systems to attack other victims, including nine US federal agencies and about a hundred private companies.

Nevertheless, cybercriminals managed to steal the source code of some products. According to Microsoft's latest report , the hackers downloaded the source code for three of its products, namely the Azure cloud service, the Intune cloud management solution, and the Exchange server. In all three cases, Microsoft said the hackers managed to gain access to only a small number of files, although their searches indicate that the attackers were interested in the company's confidential data.

The massive hacking campaign began around October 2019 and targeted companies using SolarWinds' Orion IT asset management platform. Microsoft's investigation showed that cybercriminals first viewed its files at the end of November 2020. Although the hackers were disconnected from Microsoft's systems after learning of their intrusion, they continued to try to regain access until January 2021.

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