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Another Cryptocurrency Exchange Got Hacked, $32 Million Swiped

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Another Bitcoin exchange based in Tokyo, Japan named 'Bitpoint' got hacked and attack has led to a total amount of $32m (¥3.5bn) being stolen in the form of various digital currencies.

As soon as the firm get notification of the hack, Remixpoint, the firm in charge of the affected exchange, has temporarily suspended all services following the security breach. Hcakers have stolen money in the form of five Crypto Currencies that includes Ripple, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and more.

On the statement Remixpoint says-
however, that all of the money was stolen from 'hot wallets', which essentially means crypto-storage that was connected to the internet. The offline 'cold wallets', meanwhile, have not been tampered with.
The firm also confirmed that about ¥2.5bn (~$23m) from the total money lost belonged to customers, while the rest belongs to the company itself.
Following this hacking incident, Remixpoint shares have dropped down by about 19%, hitting their daily lower limit.

Same type of attacks had also seen last year, where South Korea exchange 'Coinrail' had been hacked and about $37 million worth of cryptocurrency stolen.

As of now, there is no news on when the exchange's services are expected to resume.
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