Reddit Locks Down Accounts After Security Incident

Reddit may suffered from data breach which resulted in lock out its users
Reddit locked down a large number of user accounts after due to a security concern after detecting suspicious activity on them.

On the post published by team explains about the issues caused to Reddit users by pointing towards 'security concerns'. The team pointed root cause of the account lockdown is caused by the use of simple passwords on its website and from the reuse of those passwords on multiple services.
“A large group of accounts were locked down due to a security concern. By ‘security concern’, we mean unusual activity that did not correspond to the account’s normal behavior that may indicate unauthorized access,”
 Some of the users have commented on the published post that they were locked out of their accounts even if they were using strong passwords and not using the Reddit credentials on other websites. Moreover, some users reported that their accounts were locked down although the activity page shows they were the only ones accessing them.

If this comments confirmed then it is clear that Reddit security was once again breached and it suffers another data breach.

Reddit says that all the affected users will be prompt to reset their account passwords to re-gain their account. However, users will get the notification on their account or any support ticket if they have made regarding this.

Last year on August, Reddit suffered from a data breach where a hacker accessed user data, email addresses, and a 2007 backup database containing hashed passwords managed by the platform.
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