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Dell Notify Potential Security Breach of its Network

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On Wednesday Dell Inc. reported that they found an unauthorized activities on its network on November 9, which was an attempt to gather Dell user's information.

On the statement Dell noted that the network accessed by unknown actor contains names, email address and hashed password of its users. After getting the notification of system breach Dell team immediately started investigating it with the implementing prior safety measures.
we immediately implemented countermeasures and began an investigation. We also retained a digital forensics firm to conduct an independent investigation and engaged law enforcement- notification reads.
 Dell said they didn't found evidence of any data theft, neither any credit card or other sensitive data was stolen.
There is no indication that any credit card or other sensitive customer information was targeted. We have cybersecurity measures in place that limit the impact of any potential exposure, including the hashing of customers’ passwords.
But for safety measures Dell urged its users to immediately change their account password. Dell team also confirmed that no dell product or other services are affected.

Further, Dell assured safety for its users data, and team will continue the investigation of this breach incident. 
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