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Use CloudFlare DNS Service in Your Android

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Earlier this week Cloudflare have announced its own DNS resolution service called Most important thing on this is users privacy. As Cloudflare have mentioned that they will erase all the users browsing data and cache within 24 hours and they will not share or disclose any information to any other third-party services.

So by this, you all surely want to give a try. Configuring DNS in your system is quite easy but on mobile you may get wired up.

Here is a simple way to use Cloudflare DNS service within your android devices.
Importantly to get this you have to install Magisk - a great tool to customize Android  devices.
It was developed by XDA Developer topjohnwu in 2016. Magisk is an alternative to the long-standing SuperSU, but it’s much more than just a root method.
[Note:- For installing Magisk please check this, and we are not responsible for any void to your device]

After installation of Magisk, there’s a new module which you have to get, that will let you easily take advantage of the Cloudflare DNS. The module is pretty simple. It forwards all data through CloudFlare’s servers. All you need is an Android device and Magisk version 15 or higher.

Download Modules from the attached file section of page
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