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Not a Billion, Every Single Yahoo Users was Hacked

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Last year Yahoo had suffered from huge data breached where one billions of its  users were affected. The hack was took place in August 2013, but Yahoo have comfirned and announced last year. This was so huge that whole empire got down. Later on Yahoo patents were aquired by Verizon for $4.48 billion but the deal was done at $350 million.

Now once again Yahoo have put a light on their past data breached. Yesterday, Yahoo have made another announcement by confirming that the count of the affected users not one billion, it was Three Billions in counts that was affected by the data breached. This means every yahoo users have been affected. 
Since disclosing the hack, Yahoo continued to add more numbers of accounts compromised, but today’s announcement makes it clear that if you had a Yahoo email account, you were part of the breach.

The hack exposed user account information, which includes name, email address, hashed passwords, birthdays, phone numbers, and, in some cases, “encrypted or unencrypted security questions and answers,” the company said back in 2016. But Yahoo also confirms that passwords were not stolen in clear text, and hackers did not obtain bank or credit card information tied to the Yahoo accounts.

Regarding the Yahoo hack, US Department of Justice have also charged Russian Official for State-sponsored crime. 

Now with the today's announcement from Verizon Communication (Yahoo was acquired by Verizon) its has been cleared that every single Yahoo users data had been stolen. If you are a Yahoo users current or in past then we recommend you to change your password and security question immediately. 
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