Bad Rabbit Ransomware Strikes Russia and Ukraine

After WannaCry, once again another variants of ransomware dubbed "Bad Rabbit" is hitting internet from last 12 hours.

Reports came from Russia, Ukraine and eastern Europe says that several system along with some organisations system got infected with Bad Rabbit ransomware.

Russian security firm Group-IB point out that Bad Rabbit has hit three Russian media outlets, including news agency Interfax and airport of Odessa (Ukraine). Infected systems displaying a message in a red letter with black background, something like WannaCry.

The ransom message asks victims to log into a Tor hidden service website to make the payment of 0.05 Bitcoin, valued at around $282 at the time of writing. The site also displays a countdown of a little bit over 40 hours before the price of decryption goes up.

Regarding this the Ukrainian computer emergency agency CERT-UA posted an alert on Tuesday morning warning of a new wave of cyberattacks, without clearly mentioning Bad Rabbit.

Till yet it is not clear who is behind the Bad Rabbit, nor we don't know from where it has been originated. How many users were infected and how it's spreading is also not know.

A Group-IB spokesperson said that a "new mass cyberattack" Bad Rabbit has targeted Russian media companies Interfax and Fontanka, as well as targets in Ukraine such as the airport of Odessa, the Kiev subway, and the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine.

Kaspersky Lab and ESET is also working on Bad Rabbit, and we will update this story as we get more information..

If you have any evidence or a sample of it can contact us.
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