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Vevo got Hacked by OurMine, 3.12TB Data Leaked

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Once again OurMine is in news headlines, as they have recently hacked Vevo and leaked about 3.12 TB of data online. (Now it is removed)

The leaked documents have many sensitive data including official documents, promotional content and videos. 

Vevo is a joint venture of a number of mainstream music firms namely Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, Google’s parent firm Alphabet Inc., Warner Music Group and Abu Dhabi Media.

How Hack occurred?
We all know that OurMine is well known for hacking into the high profiled social media accounts, organisation etc..
This time have hijacked Okta account of Vevo employee.
After gaining access to the database of the Vevo, OurMine have contacted to Vevo employee. But they got the reply saying "fuck off" , and hence hackers leaked all the data online.

Vevo have confirmed the breach and currently they are investigating the extent of the hack. They says hack was done by phishing scam via LinkedIn.

Maybe now Vevo will take security as a main concern and hope they will implement better security measures. 

It is always recommend to use strong and complex password for your accounts and do have different passwords for every account. 
Because of 2 minutes laziness will hit you very hard later...

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