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OurMine Hacked Wikileaks Website

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Once again popular hackers team 'OurMine' is making the headlines. After the recent hack of PlayStation and HBO's social media accounts, nitrous hackers group have targeted Wikileaks.

Earlier this morning, OurMine have defaced the official website of Wikileaks and posted the following message-
“Hi, it’s OurMine (security group) don’t worry we are just testing your blablablab,” “Oh! Wait this is not a security test! WikiLeaks, remember when you challenged us to hack you?”
The security group has also added that this is the counter for the challenging of WikiLeaks hack.

On the twitter account OurMine make an statement for hacking Wikileaks, which read's-
“first of all, the people who are wondering why we hacked it, we did that because they challenged us to hack them about a few months ago. We have been working on this for a very long time, Finally we did this! and its hacked!”
There is no comments made from Wikileaks side.

Till yet it's not been clear how OurMine have managed to hack Wikileaks site, but it is expected that hackers may have use DNS posioning Attack for the hack.

Many times hackers have use this attack type to deface high profiled sites like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft etc... 
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