Acunetix 11 Released with Web based UI

Acunetix 11 integrates vulnerability management with a web based UI
One of the popular web application scanner 'Acunetix' have got a major update and team have released version 11 of its products. This 'Acunetix'version 11 have whole new things and have been featured with lots of stuff's.

Acunetix, an automated web-appllication scanner integrated vulnerability management features extend the enterprise’s ability to comprehensively manage, prioritise and control vulnerability threats

The new web-based interface significantly improves the manageability of the Acunetix on-premises solution, making it easy for less seasoned security personnel to check the vulnerabilities within the company’s web assets. In addition, user privileges can be automatically assigned.
Features of Acunetix v11
1. Inbuilt Vulnerability Management
  • All Targets (web applications to scan) are now stored in Acunetix with their individual settings and can be easily re-scanned.
  • Targets are displayed in one interface and classified by business criticality, allowing you to easily focus on the most important assets.
  • Vulnerabilities can also be prioritized by the Target’s business criticality.
  • Consolidated reports are stored in the central interface.
  • Users can choose between “Target reports”, “Scan reports” or “All Vulnerabilities” report.
2. Web-based user interface
3. Role-based multi-user system
4. Standard, Pro and Enterprise Editions

Chris Martin, CEO, Acunetix says-
“Acunetix has for the past 12 years been at the forefront in web application security with its cutting-edge vulnerability scanning technology. With version 11 we have combined proactive scanning for web application vulnerabilities with the prioritization of mitigation activities. This integration helps security teams gain the intelligence they need to work more efficiently, prioritizing actions, assigning jobs and therefore reducing costs.”
 How to download?
If you like to give a try, you can download the free version of Acunetix v11 . For full features you can opt for pro or enterprise version as per you requirements.
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