Samsung IMEI Tool tell you if a Note7 is explosive or not

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Currently Samsung is working to recall all its Galaxy note 7 which it had been sold till last month, and the only reason is because of its explosive battery.

Samsung making its users easy to know if there Note 7 is defective or not, by releasing an online IMEI checker tool.

The tool is pretty straightforward. You'll find it on Samsung's recall page. Just input your IMEI, which is available in the phone's settings and on the packaging. Hit the "Check" button, and in a few seconds you'll know if that phone is part of the recall. The site will tell you to turn the phone off immediately if it's defective; Samsung is taking things more seriously these days.

Another way, users can also verify there handset from the Samsung+ app that comes preinstalled on Note 7.  For IMEI users can dial *#06# on dialer.
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