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Opera Data Breach! Sync Password stolen

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If you use opera browsers for surfing the internet then here is an nasty news for you all.
Today, on the blog posts opera mentioned that they have found a system breach on of there browsers syn system.

Opera users who utilized the browser's cloud sync option may have had that synchronized data taken by hackers, according to the company. While the full extent of the breach isn't yet known, Opera fears that passwords saved in the browser's manager may have been exposed.

Till yet Opera team have not fully identified the all whole incident, they have just got a sign of the breach into their system. What and how was I'd not clear yet.

Most concerning is the possibility is that the synced passwords kept on the server were taken along with usernames and account passwords.

The sync system is wisely designed such that the synced passwords are encrypted while at rest on the server. That way, if accessed, they wouldn't be very useful to the hackers. The only problem? These hackers may have gotten the accounts' passwords too, potentially making it possible to decrypt those synced passwords!

For security purposes, Opera recommend it's syn users to change there third party passwords that were stored in the browsers systems.

To be clear Opera team have mentioned that only users that were using opera cloud sync system were affected and rest is secured.
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