Zero-day Flaw in Kaspersky and FireEye security products

Zero-day Flaw in Kaspersky and FireEye security products
Now this could be the busy weekends for these companies, as security researchers have point them to work on there products. Couple of security researchers have disclosed flaws in products from Kaspersky and FireEye that could be exploited by malicious hackers.

First vulnerability reported to Kaspersky lab by Tavis Ormandy, a security researchers at Google. Last week Ormandy tweeted that he had successfully exploited Kaspersky's anti-virus product in such a way that users could find their systems easily compromised by malicious hackers.
In a follow-up to his latest announcement, Ormandy tweeted that the flaw was "a remote, zero interaction SYSTEM exploit, in default config. So, about as bad as it gets."

UPDATE: Ormandy have tweeted that Kaspersky team is rolling out the fixed/patch of vulnerability soon via its updates.

Earlier also Ormandy had disclosed the vulnerability on couple of Antivirus product and explained he had exploited Sophos and ESET product.

Another security researchers Kristian Erik Hermansen has disclosed details of a zero-day vulnerabilities on Fiereye's product, which - if exploited - can result in unauthorized file disclosure.

Hermansen published proof-of-concept code showing how the vulnerability could be triggered, and claimed that he had found three other vulnerabilities in FireEye's product. All are said to be up for sale.
"FireEye appliance, unauthorized remote root file system access. Oh cool, web server runs as root! Now that's excellent security from a _security_ vendor :) Why would you trust these people to have this device on your network."
"Just one of many handfuls of FireEye / Mandiant 0day. Been sitting on this for more than 18 months with no fix from those security "experts" at FireEye. Pretty sure Mandiant staff coded this and other bugs into the products. Even more sad, FireEye has no external security researcher reporting process."
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