1337day domain hacked and defaced

 One of the most popular site of exploit database that all the hackers community and security person use i.e "1337day.com" had got hacked and defaced today morning.

Hackers going with the online handler
RAB3OUN and X-GUN have hacked the site. 

At the time writing the post site still showing the deface page with the message which reads - 
You said that CIA arrested your domain ?!!
Who you are ? CIA ask you for Client information ?!! LooooooL
You have said a stupid reason for your client LooooooL You are so stupid
You are selling exploit ?
you are scammer you selling not working expoit and non-existent exploit
Just a day back Inj3ct0r team have posted a message on Facebook fan page saying that

Warning. CIA blocked the 1337day domain and try to sell a non-existent material! Authorities seized the domain! The...
Posted by Inj3ct0r Exploit DataBase on Monday, June 8, 2015
Till yet it is not confirmed that how hackers managed to deface the site, may be they hijacked the site DNS to show the deface message.

We will try to contact inject0r team for the latest update and hackers claim. Stay tuned...... 
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