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There are seven different versions of Windows 10

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Till yet software giant Microsoft have not reveals the exact launched date of Windows 10, but company have said that it will come in summer.Earlier only Microsoft have confirmed that Windows 10 will be the last windows from Microsoft, so company is working hard to give the best features.

Windows 10 will includes all of the main Windows 10 features like the new Microsoft Edge browser, Windows Hello face-recognition, and built-in universal apps. To complement the home desktop version, Microsoft also has a Windows 10 Pro edition. This will be the equivalent to Windows 8 Pro, with the ability for businesses to connect up to domains and take advantage of Windows Update for Business.

As Microsoft have announced that windows 10 will be also available for mobile devices, hence Microsoft is also renaming the windows phone.

Windows 10 Mobile is the official replacement name, and it will include new touch-optimized versions of Office and support for the new Continuum for Phone feature. It will support phones and small tablets (less than 8-inch displays), with the familiar Windows Phone interface.

Microsoft is also offering a Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise edition, designed for big businesses to license the operating system on smartphones and small tablets.

Total Seven versions of Windows 10

Microsoft said that in total there will be seven version of Windows 10, which includes Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 10 Education, and Windows 10 IoT Core for smaller gateway devices.

Microsoft confirmed that Windows 10 will be the Service in future. Tony Prophet from Microsoft says that -
"This milestone is just the beginning of the new generation of Windows. Starting this fall, customers can expect ongoing innovation and security updates for their Windows 10 devices, including more advanced security and management capabilities for businesses."

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