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Outlook App for iOS "breaks" corporate security

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Yesterday, tech giants 'Microsoft' have launched its outlook app for iOS and androids which was one of the best app till yet. As the app gives users to access to the multiple email services, we have noted that this may raise the issue for the users privacy.

Developers made a claim that new outlook app 'breaks' the security rules of any corporate and enterprise. Developers René Winkelmeyer, writing on his blog says- new Microsoft outlook app does not obey the security policy of the company because the app stores the users credentials in its cloud service.

After acquiring Acompli, Microsoft have worked with Acompli to launch this email management and cloud-based storage access app, which helps users to gives access to their multiple email service with a single app.

Winkelmeyer giving a try to app and digging into it he found that his login credentials had been uploaded in the cloud and that also without his prior information. He claimed that Microsoft could potentially have "full access to my [personal information management] data."

Apart from this one users have commented that even after uninstalling the app from the device won't deleted the credentials from the cloud. Moreover new outlook app have also syn the users device details on to cloud.

We recommend our users not to use the app for business purpose until company fixed the issue. We have already point out the users privacy issue with the app, and this may be a small one.

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