Google offer Android Development Kit Offline in DVD

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Google mobile operating system Android is one of the popular OS for mobile and there are tonnes of the application available in Google play store. There are many developers who are developing their own custom apps and earning.

If you are also looking to make your own Android apps then you can do it for free. Google team is always there to help you in each movement. All the necessary development resource is freely available in Internet and also in Android site.

But here is another thing Google have made for those users who is  having low bandwidth. Today Google have announced the offline developer kit’ that includes  a number of tools, SDKs and videos onto DVD’s for bandwidth challenged countries.

The kit includes all the necessary resource for apps development and it also comes with number of tools such as:-

You can check the video below,  the announcement of making Android Development Kit offline. 
Google had already distributed 2,000  of the kits in Sub-Saharan Africa, India and Bangladesh and if you are looking to have it then you can download the Android Development Kit offline from here.

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