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Anonymous hacks Swedish govt emails over seizure of Pirate Bay servers

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In the response of the seizure of the popular torrents site "ThePiratesBay", Anonymous hacktivist group have hacked the Swedish government email accounts. Moreover hacktivist group have also claimed to hacked  into the government email accounts of Israel, India, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico.

On the twitter hacker group have tweeted about the hack along with the pastebin links which contains the leaked emails accounts with the plain password. At the end of the pastebin hackers left a message which read the following -
"Warning: Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all!! Bye :*"
 Earlier also hackers group have targeted Swedish internet giant Telia in the response of Seizure of Pirates bay. Hackers had launched distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack against the Telia which effects the company's online service and also effects the users connection.
"These attacks don't come from nowhere. The Pirate Bay raid has provoked feelings in these groups,"Jacoby told TT news agency.
On Tuesday, The Pirate Bay and several other torrent websites temporarily disappeared from the internet. The sites were downed in a raid by Swedish police, which seized the servers, computers, and equipment of previously elusive web pirates.

Later of the day, The Pirates Bay back online with the new domain .cr (Costa Rica), but it is as like dead.

As The Pirates Bay have claimed that Pirate Bay is running on 21 “raid-proof” virtual machines that meant if authorities raided one location the service would be OK. In this situation, it appears they weren’t quite raid-proof after all.

Anonymous continues there attack and again leaked the more emails accounts belongs to Swedish and New Zealand government.
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