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FBI announced its Malware Investigator portal

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Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) technology department have opened its Malware Investigator portal to the private industry. The main aim of the portal is to share information on cyber threats and also try to make the improve incident response in case of attacks.

At the home page of the investigator portal it reads-
“Malware Investigator is a tool that provides users the ability to submit suspected malware files and within as little as an hour, receive detailed technical information about what the malware does and what it may be targeting.”

At the event for the launch of the Malware Investigator portal, the Information crime unit chief Steve Pandelides explained the positive impact for both law enforcement and the private sector. Private companies will have more information related to the specific infection and will be able to quickly mitigate the threat, on the other side the FBI will have the opportunity to assess real time the incident and monitor their evolution in the various industries.

Pandelides explained that Malicious codes submitted to the Malware Investigator portal will go through some certain test and it will also match the code with the other submission and after will be analyzed by the FBI intelligence and then it will produced a detail informational reports of the submission.

At the initial stage, the investigator portal will only work for Windows malware and threats and later on will add more to expand its strength. This kind of analysis has an immense value for malware analysts that could be able to track the evolution of malicious code in time, its capabilities.

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