Two Hackers Claims to Break the TOR Security

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Earlier NSA had tried many times to break the security of the TOR bundle, but they have failed. But now two hackers promising that they can break the security of the TOR on $3,000 budget. Hacker will demonstrate the security breakup  in the world biggest hacking conference "Black Hat 2014" which is going to be held in Las Vegas next month.

Alexander Volynkin and Michael McCord, hackers wrote -
“In this talk, we demonstrate how the distributed nature, combined with newly discovered shortcomings in design and implementation of the Tor network, can be abused to break Tor anonymity,” 
With “a handful of powerful servers and a couple gigabit links”—easily within the resources of the world’s major intelligence agencies, criminal collectives, hacktivist groups, private companies, and more—thousands of Tor clients and hidden services can be revealed “within a couple of months,” - they added.

Both hackers have not revealed much information about the exploit, but TOR community member hoping that they will have a follow-up the disclosure that can exploit the TOR anonymity security and also puts the millions of users privacy at risk.  

Between this, non of the TOR community member have commented yet on this. But this is sure that member will looking forward for the exploit, which hackers is claiming to demonstrate on $3,000.

On this demonstration hackers will cover the nature, feasibility, and limitations of possible attacks, and then dive into dozens of successful real-world de-anonymization case studies, ranging from attribution of botnet command and control servers, to drug-trading sites, to users of kiddie porn places.

Source:- Black Hat
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