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Watch Dogs Game Review

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Ubisoft announced it was delaying Watch Dogs because it didn’t have enough “polish,” a fact that gave me hope the company would make up for going back on its word and would bring the game back to its previously promised glory. 
Here we are giving small demonstration of the game, in a gif image. 

It is just a week back game has been launched, and we have seen a ultimate crazy about the game. Game is somehow like Grand Auto Theft Series, but user say that this better then GTA. 
By the above image demonstration you can see that its is same like GTA. Watch Dog also have same thing a map showing at the bottom corner of the screen, With the 360 degree camera flexibility. The Game is available for PS4, PC, Xbox platforms. 

Here we are not discussing the game review in details. I personally feels that once again Ubisoft have done a great job. 

The graphics of the game brilliant and user will have a great experience while playing the game.

As the game is somehow related to hacking, so some of the techie guys have also liked the game. Hacking is just the Part,The Game has got a lot more than that.

So guys its worth playing, You all can get the game directly from amazon, For PC , PS3 , PS4 and xbox one

Check the Watch Dogs trailer 

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