iOS 8 Beta Successfully Jailbroken

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Just a couple of days back Apple have announced its new version of the iOS, iOS 8 beta 1. After the announcement, jailbreak community from all over the world get into the work. Over the last couple of years Apple has made it increasingly hard for hackers to develop jailbreaks and the community was certain that it would clamp down even more with its latest iteration.

Then also hackers and researcher are able to break the security of the iOS. But after the launch of the iOS 8 beta 1, there were some positive sign, that iOS 8 can be jail broken.

A popular iOS hacker Stefan Esser, who is better known by his Twitter handle, @i0n1c, have claimed that he can crack iOS 8 after sometime and he certainly has come through on that claim.

On his twitter account he has posted a image, which shows the ability to SSH into an iPod touch running iOS 8 beta 1 through Mac. Its not possible to SSH into an iOS device until and unless its jailbroken, so this is proof enough.

Earlier also Esser '@i0n1c' have claimed that he has untethered jailbreak iOS 7.1.1, but he has not released it yet.

Mostly Jailbreaker community didn't publish the Jailbreaks for beta firmwares as its basically inviting Apple to patch the exploit in the subsequent beta release.

So if the above claimed gets work then Apple have get more serious on it iOS 8 security before its public announcement.

After seeing the above claim, I just got remember a sentence which I really like, Security is Just an Illusion. 

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