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Evernote's forum hacked, Time to Change Your Passwords

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Last week Evernote has been suffered from DDOS attack and hackers are asking for the money to stop the attack. Yesterday, Evernote’s community manager Geoff Barry have announced that Evernote community Forum which hosts 164,644 members details have been hacked. The forum has been hacked by the unknown hacker, which leads the attacker to access user’s information along with passwords in some cases.

The announcement of the data breached was made on the Forum threads, which follows-
(Users impacted by this announcement will have received an email)
The vendor that operates has notified us that they had been hacked. The hacker was able to retrieve our forum members’ profile information. We don’t believe that the hacker accessed any private forum messages.
We are sending email notifications to all affected forum users detailing what was exposed.
 Barry have mentioned that the continuity forum is hosted in different service, of which The Evernote Service was not affected and users notes are still secure. Evernote didn't save the users credentials on the community server and there is no need to change the Evernote passwords.

If you are the  users of Evernote community forum and if you have joined the forum in 2011 or earlier then it is recommend to change the password. Along with the Evernote service, if you use the same password for other online account then immediately change change your password.

Evernote will send the mail notification to the affected users of the breach.

This is not the first time that Evernote suffered from cyber attack, earlier in March 2013 also Evernote had been hacked and about 50 millions users password have been reset.

If you are Evernote users then we recommend you to secure your account as soon as possible and once again recommend to our reader that, NOT TO USE SAME PASSWORD, for all the service and try to choose the complex passwords. 
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