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Facebook Suffers from Temporary Downtime

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Just a hour back Facebook users was not able to login to there accounts, due of the some temporary service down time. Users from all over the world have reported on twitter the issue of the temporary downtime.

Facebook have updated the status on its Platform Status page indicating that its currently experiencing “sitewide issues” with and its platform. The result is higher than normal error rates and latency for some of its users.

As this is not the first time that Facebook is giving an error to its users. Last week also many of the users from the world wide had reported that the News Feeds were down for them. That was also a temporary down, but its back on it place after some minutes.

Facebook have says that the company is investigating the problem, which began at 4:30pm Pacific, and hopes to resolve it as soon as possible.

Well we will update this post as we receive the further information on this, so stay tuned.
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