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Bitly notify Users to Change Passwords After Security Scare

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If you are using Bitly users then you should have got  the mail notification from the bitly for change of the password on your email inbox and on your Bitly account. This is because company believes that Bitly account credentials have been compromised.

On the blog post Mark Josephson CEO, of Bitly, says that they believes the Bitly account credentials have been compromised, but company have indication for any compromised account. Company have took a proactive steps to ensure the security of all accounts, including disconnecting all users’ Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Mark says,
We invalidated all credentials within Facebook and Twitter. Although users may see their Facebook and Twitter accounts connected to their Bitly account, it is not possible to publish to these accounts until users reconnect their Facebook and Twitter profiles.
For resetting the API key and OAuth token you can follow the below steps,
  1. Log in to your account and click on ‘Your Settings,’ then the ‘Advanced’ tab.
  2. At the bottom of the ‘Advanced’ tab, select ‘Reset’ next to ‘Legacy API key.’
  3. Copy down your new API key and change it in all applications. These can include social publishers, share buttons and mobile apps.
  4. Go to the ‘Profile’ tab and reset your password.
  5. Disconnect and reconnect any applications that use Bitly. You can check which accounts are connected under the ‘Connected Accounts’ tab in ‘Your Settings.’
Company  have apologize for the inconvenience and ensure that the bitly team is working hard on the incident. If you have any account-specific questions, you can contact Bitly team at [email protected].

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