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WeUA.info,  a new social network from Ukraine. Yeah.. its true, Ukraine is soon launching its own social network called "WeUA.info" whose slogans is "We live for Ukraine". It was to be launched last Monday, but unfortunately social network WeUA.info gets victim of cyber attack before its launch.

WeUA.info is facing a strong DDOS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attack due to of site is getting offline. 
"We have not opened the website for the public yet, although we are already seeing very strong DDoS attacks," WeUA's founder, Bogdan Oliyarchuk, told Mashable via email. "We see deliberate attacks every day."

Oliyarchuk noted that the attacks are from Russia and elsewhere in Ukraine. It is difficult to track the attack, he added. 

Oliyarchuk also says, he and his team had worked hard from more then one year, building a social network that will bring Ukrainians together.

"A year ago, we came up with an idea to [connect] Ukrainians all over the world. There are enough talented Ukrainian programmers who can implement this. We have a number of talented people who work abroad in Facebook, in Google, so it got me wondering — why not make a social network in Ukraine?" Oliyarchuk said. "So we tried and launched the beta version with 1,000 people having subscribed, which made us realize we had to hire people to work on a more serious version of the website."

"It's not just for Ukrainians," he continued. "We hope to become a democratic social network. We have very challenging objectives and ambitious goals." One of those goals is to introduce an encryption system, so no one can get access to their users' messages.

WeUA.info team is planning to move there server to abroad due to their previous Government. But now they are having a new government have also got very good response from its users also, so they may build the server in the country only. At time some of the servers are still in abroad, as they mentioned. 

When I have checked the site, its live and working fine, nut may be they  are still have some technical issue, as on the home page of the site they wrote a message which stats the following-
Dear customers!
Due to the fact that overnight the site were carried out attacks outside we have to suspend the site for technical reasons.
Registering on the site will be available soon.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
stay tuned.
WeUA Team
You can also watch the Video of WeUA.info