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Lenovo, Toshiba Will NOT Offer Warranty On Online Purchased Products

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As like Netgear and Nikon last year, who have already announced to refused to provide warranty over its products purchased from online ecommerce sites. It seems they are not the only ones who seem to be doing it. Even Lenovo has also announced the same thing to its customer.

Lenovo announced that ecommerce sites like Snapdeal, Flipcart and Amazon are not there official distributor, and the products sold out from these stores will not have any Warranty coverage, reported by BGR. Lenovo’s director of consumer business says on the statement that,

“It has come to our notice that some of the online stores and marketplaces are selling Lenovo products at heavily discounted prices. Our observation is that these may not be Lenovo authorized resellers . Keeping our end customer’s interest in mind, we have accordingly issued an advisory on our website.”
 Consumer are notifying that the firm are not responsible for any product that has been purchased from online sites. This is strictly applicable on the high priced items, like Laptops, Mobiles, and Digital and SLR's etc.

Along with Lenovo, Toshiba have also made the same announcement on the same topic. They warned the users not purchase any kind of company's products from online stores, as they are not the authorized dealer of company.

As per the Trak, it reported the reason for this steps as, In last 24 months the ratio of online shopping have been grown much extent, which directly effecting the business of offline store. As online stores are offering great and new offer on the product that, consumer are attracting to and prefer online shopping rather then offline.

Many of the online retailers have mention that, they can't compete the price that is offered on the online retailer. So consumers are buying product online and approach these offline retailers  for warranty issue.

Offline retailers have also come together to form an association called “We Will Act” to protest against the price undercutting done by ecommerce sites in India.

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