This hacker turned his mouse into a webcam

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We all know that there are many new thing which is evaluating every day. With the same stats one gadget hacker have made a awesome evolution.

We all know that our optical mouse have a sensor beneath it, did you know that it also a contains a tiny low resolution camera? A gadget hacker and web developer "Franci Kapel" have brought a new things in front of us. He decided to rip a part of his Logitech mouse, and take is sensor to use it as a camera.

This is a Low Resolution camera of 15x15 pixel grayscale image as the source for a very rudimentary  webcam.

You can check the video tutorial made by Kapel, on this.

This project requires some soldering, an Arduino and Ethernet shield, as well as some basic code. On the above tutorial Kapel have done almost all things, so you have to just follow his tutorial to make a webcam from your mouse.

More details can be found here.
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