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Snowden will stand for student rector at Scotland

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After the lots of things finally a good news for the Glasgow University. As Whistle blower Edward Snowden has agreed to stand for the post of student rector at Glasgow University in Scotland.

As BBC lastly reported that, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden was contacted by the group of students through his lawyer, and he agreed for the rector at University in Scotland follow with previous rectors Nelson Mandela’s former wife Winnie Mandela and Israeli nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu.

Snowden will be stand up against former Scottish cyclist Graeme Obree, clergyman Kelvin Holdsworth, and author Alan Bissett.

The rector’s role is voted for by students every three years, and the successful candidate represents students to the management of the university, should they have any concerns. Glasgow University has confirmed this is a role that can be fulfilled remotely, which is ideal for Snowden really given the circumstances, and it’s an unpaid position.
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