Seychelles Islands Domain Registrar "" hacked by Madleets

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Pakistani hacker with the online handle "r00x" from popular hackers group Team Madleets, have once again hacked and defaced the domain registrar site of Seychelles Islands. Hackers have defaced the home page NIC domain ( of the Seychelles Islands.

Seychelles Islands is the administer the system registry function and also acts as a local registrar of .SC domains. It provides the domain to the Government, Non-Profit Organisation, NGO's and  educational institute.

Hackers have just defaced the index page of the site, which the message written,
"Just a security Reminder"
At the mean time site still showing the deface page. As hackers points that, he had used a Zeroday exploit to hack the site.

You can check the hacked site ( and its mirror also at zone-h.

Remember, L33t hacker from the same group Madleets, who have hacked many of the high profiled sites and also the highest number of the .NIC domains last year. 
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