Korea’s operator: SK Telecom, to offer 300 Mbps mobile Internet

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Korea leading telecom operator SK Telecom is trying to make even faster in the option of Internet speed. Company trying to give the mobile internet speed upto 300 Mbps. SK Telecom have introduced the world's first LTE- Advanced service in June , and now its has announced that company is rolling out a lightning fast 300 megabits per second (Mbps) service before the end of 2014.

As for regular LTE offers a speed of 75 Mbps and with LTE-Advanced technology the data speed will increases to 150 Mbps. But Sk Telecom says that, they are intoducing more advanced technology - dubbed 3band LTE-Advanced, which will give rise to the internet speed standard more higher.

With this blazing speed, users can download an 800 MB  movie in just 22 seconds where with currently 3G speed it will take more then 7 minutes.

SK Telecom will announced its upcoming ultra speed technology at the 3GSM event which is going to held in Barcelona next month. SK mentioned that, the service will be live before the end of this year, but it will only available for the new smartphones, Tablets and PC's fitted with dedicated support.

Companys says that, this will be not the end, but they will try to develop the 4 or 5 band LTE for even faster internet. As they can't say when it will be coming but will be arrive soon.
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