Indian Government to launch 'Netra' for internet surveillance

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Now you have to be more caution to post a word like 'Bomb’, ‘Attack’, ‘Blast’ or ‘kill' on the Facebook status, twitter , om mails, because this may flag you a potential terrorist under a surveillance project of Indian Security agencies.
Indian security Agency, soon going to launch a new surveillance project "NETRA" (Network Traffic Analysis). NETRA, is capable to intercept the capture any dubious voice traffic passing through software such as Skype or Google Talk. This will also scan the words, that users post on there facebook and twitter status and also to the mails.

NETRA, has been designed and developed at Artificial Intelligence and Robotics under the Defense
Research Development organisation (DRDO).

As like America,Britain, China and Iran, Indian government is also trying to establish the National Internet Scanning, by which they can track the terrorist activities and other National activities too.

NETRA, will be using only 300 GB of the storage to store the scanned data. NETRA is the hardware that will be installed at ISP level and on over 1000 plus locations. This will be called a "NODES", and each will have the storage capacity of the 300GB. This means 1000 nodes x 300 GB will be = 300,000 GB plus.
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